Ironing Board Covers: Handmade In Deerfield

Along with all of our other unique items and collectibles, we also carry several products made right here in Deerfield, MA. Shown below are hand sewn Draft Dodgers and Ironing Board Covers.

Our Ironing Board Covers are made of high-quality Waverly fabrics and also come in a variety of different colors and patterns. They are made to fit a standard ironing board. You can change them with your tastes or use the same one, perhaps for longer than your ironing board lasts. Only recently a woman came in to the store saying she needed a new Ironing Board cover. She said it was time to replace the one she bought previously, 10 years ago.

The draft dodgers are perfect for chilly winter nights, and for lowering your heating bill! They are sewn in a large variety of colors and patterns. Each draft dodger is filled with long-lasting plastic pellets. These help keep the Draft Dodgers well weighted to stay put in front of your doors, or even windows.


We also carry hand sewn Pot Holders and Clothes Pin Bags along the same nature.

Please contact us if you are interested in any other colors.